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Colorado Springs DUI Defense Attorney

Colorado Springs Out of State DUI Attorney

The Colorado Springs DUI lawyer can help any out-of-state driver that has been arrested for DUI or received a ticket in the Colorado Springs area.  Contact our office today for a quick and free consultation regarding your case. 

Non-state offenders should be aware that an out-of-state DUI conviction will follow them back into their state of residence and any other state that is a member of the Driver’s License Compact.  Your Colorado DUI or ticket will affect you both here in this state and in your home state. If you have questions about how your home state will handle a specific traffic violation, contact the DMV in your state. 

A DUI Charge is extremely serious. Contact our lawyer in Colorado Springs immediately.

A first time Colorado DUI typically results in the following consequences:

Depending on your state’s regulations, not all of these consequences may affect you.  However, non-state offenders are required to attend all hearings regarding their cases.  If you are sentenced to probation or jail, you will have to serve the time, either in Colorado or in your home state.  The same can be said for fines and community service.

If you are an out-of-state driver facing any traffic charges in the Colorado Springs area, contact the Colorado Springs DUI attorney for an immediate consultation regarding your case.